Did Youtube Purposely Sabotaged Cobra kai Season 3


Cobra Kai Season 3 Release Date Update Netflix NO DEAL. The only way to get information is to ask for it. After contacting Netflix and Hulu. Neither streaming network said they even knew of any such deal. One Fact came up. Youtube purposely sabotaged cobra kai top show because they get more money on bad news video as a whole than the shows itself.  either way youtube wins. Killing off cobra kai was deliberately done. Youtube is the most dishonest run company. Youtube will keep losing premium memberships to the point youtube will be a paid platform. Pay to upload in coming when the rating system actually complies with fcc and ftc and other measures on youtube.  The reason for abandoning scripted original content was because youtube will not comply with FCC or FTC Ratings for the shows. Netflix, hulu, disney and other streaming networks must comply with the age regulations.  

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