Stargirl Season 1 why Icicle’s Kills The wizard of the injustice society


Stargirl Season 1 why Icicle’s Kills The wizard of the injustice society 

Stargirl Season 1 Icicle’s Kills The wizard of the injustice society. many easter eggs we can see in episode 3 DC’s Stargirl Icicle. Henry King Jr Played by Jake Austin Walker wakes up seeing a coffee cup move waiting for Henry Sr to wake out of a coma after getting his powers zapped from the cosmic staff.  big easter eggs. coming. the wizard gets killed off going to confront icicle killing his son joey in a fight with stargirl and strips. icicle Murder was covered up saying the wizard had a heart attack over his sons Joey death. .  in the end Pat takes courtney to see the JSA hideout showing her all the fallen heros trying to take down the injustice league.    trivia  She is the third actress to play Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl in a live-action series. Britt Irvin played the role in Smallville (2001) (2001-2011) and Sarah Grey played Courtney in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (2016) (2016 – ).

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